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Neh! Langhe Rosso in Bag in Box

For those who choose quality in a closed box.

At a time when the global economic recession goes hand in hand with

the explosion of some specific sectors, we find ourselves dealing with raw materials.

Glass is certainly among them, as it is used in every sector, it is becoming increasingly scarce and precious. The race for supply does not help the ecosystem, increasing waste and costs.

These are the reasons why, with an eye toward the nearest future of our Planet, we try to do, well, our small part, using for the first time an alternative solution to the classic bottle that is even more sustainable: the Bag in Box

Punset therefore for its Langhe Rosso DOC Neh! presents the new 5-litre box. Thanks to its technology, the Box keeps the characteristics of the wine unaltered for a long time after opening, making it the most practical solution for daily consumption, offering more than a box in a single container.

Its design is also a big step towards sustainability: by saving the glass of 6 bottles, it reduces space and weight by more than 20%, thus saving up to 30% of emissions into the environment during its life cycle and re-use.


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