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"My philosophy is to produce excellent wines in complete harmony with nature, starting from the assumption that organic farming should not force us into a corner for "special" producers, rather certification should be a further guarantee of quality to protect the consumer.


I wish to confront with the world of conventional wine, and show that we can become great while respecting nature, the environment and ourselves.

Mine is a personal choice, at times difficult and disarming: but it is precisely in those moments that a walk in the vineyards and a look at the hills that surround us give me confidence for a better future.


So for tomorrow, I want to communicate my experience of personal fulfilment to the new generations, inviting them to get involved, to do well, in the most natural way."

Convinced that collaboration is the key to success, in a conservative and masculine wine world, Marina has been able with commitment, tenacity and perseverance to acquire an equal and respected space. Because of her love for this land, Marina Marcarino has for years been an active participant with important roles in local producers' associations such as the Consorzio Tutela Barolo Barbaresco e Vini d'Alba, the Consorzio Albeisa and many others, working hard to pursue a challenging path of innovation in the category while respecting traditions and the territory.

Following the same philosophy, Marina, in 2004, linked Punset to other wineries in Italy that have made organic a choice of life and produce with the same thought, founding the Vintesa Italian Wines Consortium which, through the motto "an agreement between organic vine-dressers", promotes and divulges organic wines in Italy and in the world.

This is the thought of Marina Marcarino who, since she was a child, has been destined for her vineyards. Exuberant, curious and hyperactive, she became attached to this world thanks to her paternal grandmother who took her to the countryside opening her the doors of a culture linked to the times and methods of working the land. The deep bond with the territory was further strengthened in 1982: Marina was struck byorganic farming in which she saw a new and authentic way of coming into full contact with her vineyards. Through a deep knowledge that starts from the principles of absolute naturalness and creates with them a bond of "mutual respect".


The initial impact is brutal, and the first harvest is completely lost, but Marina's determination drives her to persevere in her choices, refining the technique year after year. And so it is that today, after almost 30 years of experience, Cantina Punset represents one of the reference companies in Italy both for the organic management of the vineyards and for the important results obtained.

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