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Discover Punset Winery, where the tradition of good organic wine continues reinvented with innovation and sustainability, to the rhythm of nature.


The origins of legendary beauty.

It is a historical memory that the Counts of Castelborgo used the Piedmontese dialect term Punset, which literally means "beautiful hill" or "point", to describe the only one of their estates that stood out from the autumn mists and could thus be admired from their castle. 


On the other hand, it is the heritage of the Marcarino family to have a long history of winemaking since the succession of ownership of the vineyards on the hill, albeit for an exclusively family production.


In 1964 Renzo Marcarino officially started the activity bringing the first bottles of the Punset wine cellar on the market, but it was in the early 80s that a decisive choice, wanted and carried out by his daughter Marina, marked the company's turning point: to convert the entire cultivation to organic, eliminating all kinds of pesticides and all synthetic products. A demanding choice, conscious and immediately disciplined through the certification.

An ecosystem

in perfect balance.


Over the years, Marina Marcarino, who is now entirely responsible for running the estate, has perfected agronomic methods that tend to minimize the use of copper and sulfur-based treatments, preferring biodynamic preparations and sharing the agronomic philosophy of Manasobu Fukuoka, also known as "the agriculture of doing nothing".

Vineyards completely covered with grass, limited use of mechanical working of the land characterize this company, perfectly integrated into nature. Through the repopulation of the environment, the ecosystem has been completely rebalanced and today spontaneous blooms, insects and wild animals contribute to the fertility of the vineyards. Much attention is paid to the respect of the environment, both through the limitation of mechanical work, and through the recovery of by-products of winemaking.

For more than a decade solar panels have been installed for heating and a photovoltaic system is soon to be installed for energy supply. Even in the winery, the philosophy is to "let the vineyard speak", omitting the use of selected yeasts and enzymes, so as to allow the fruit to express the terroir of these vineyards. The traditional techniques are the ones chosen: vinification in cement tanks, in which Marina has always believed, respect for the phases of the moon for the processes, long aging in wood, mainly in Slavonian oak barrels followed by a similar amount of time in the bottle.

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