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Albeisa, the story of an intuition from which we all drank.

Interview with Marina Marcarino, a visceral woman behind the world of the Langhe and fine wine.

This is how Manuela Ravasio's article in Marie Claire magazine begins, citing the strong link we have always cultivated with the territory and its traditions:

"We are talking about wine, but this conversation begins in front of an excellent gin and tonic, late at night, when Marina Marcarino's eyes are agile and take you from the hills of the Langhe to the United States, from the sets of dishes collected (and sought after over the years) to the strength of being a mother even when you think you should no longer question a filial relationship. President of Albeisa, an association founded in 1973 that brings together wine producers who use the famous Alba glass bottle (hence albeisa), head of the consortium that unites the excellence of the Langhe territory (so different, so cohesive), owner of Punset, a winery whose prince is Barbaresco, Maracarino is a visceral woman, long grey hair and a sporty driver, a practical voice and nocturnal confessions that show how much effort is needed to come to terms, every harvest, with Nature...".

Read the full article:


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